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Motorway Driving Lessons

At Drive Time Driving Tuition we understand that inexperienced drivers can be nervous at the prospect of driving on a motorway for the first time. 

The RSA recommend that anyone unfamiliar with motorway driving should take lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor.
We have developed specialised lessons catered to drivers who have recently passed their driving test.
When you drive on the motorway you need to be able to deal with higher speed traffic and understand correct lane use.
Our motorway driving lessons are tailored to each learner and are designed to help drivers use multi-lane carriage-ways safely and confidently.
With over 20 years of experience you can rest assured that you will receive the most comprehensive driving lessons available.

Our Motorway Driving Lessons Cover

We cover everything you will need to know about driving on busy motorways.
We aim to instil confidence in all our learners and we can use motorways throughout Dublin and Wicklow.

Dealing with Higher Speed Traffic

Entering and Exiting the Motorway

Safe Overtaking

Multi-Lane Discipline

Awareness of Other Road Users

Adverse Weather Conditions

For more information on our motorway driving lessons call us on

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