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Being a good driver requires a lot more knowledge than simply knowing how to drive a car.
It is crucial that you understand what road signs and markings mean, what makes for good road etiquette and how to anticipate unexpected dangers.
The EDT (Essential Driver Training) is a course consisting of 12 driving lessons.
The purpose of EDT is to improve road safety and help inexperienced drivers develop the skills and confidence needed to share the road with other drivers.
As of April 4th 2011, Essential Driver Training is compulsory for learner drivers.
At Drive Time Driving Tuition we teach you to drive safely and competently.

What Our Lessons Cover

When you begin your training with us, we will issue you with a log book.
The log book outlines your syllabus for the course and after each lesson your instructor will stamp and upload each EDT lesson certificate from your logbook to the RSA website as evidence of completion.
After all 12 EDT certificates have been uploaded you are able to apply for your driving test.

Lesson 1: Car Controls and Safety Checks

Lesson 2: Correct Positioning

Lesson 3: Changing Direction

Lesson 4: Progression Management

Lesson 5: Correct Positioning (Advanced)

Lesson 6: Anticipation and Reaction

Lesson 7: Sharing the Road

Lesson 8: Driving Safely Through Traffic

Lesson 9: Changing Direction (Advanced)

Lesson 10: Speed Management

Lesson 11: Driving Calmly

Lesson 12: Night Driving

If you are looking for a friendly, highly experienced driving instructor with an impressive success rate, call Drive Time Driving Tuition today on

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